FED Student Award

Solicitation for Candidature

The International Standing Committee (ISC) for the International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT) has established in 2015 a “FED Student Award @ISFNT”. This award has been proposed and is sponsored by ELSEVIER, Publisher of the Proceedings of the ISFNT Conferences. This is a solicitation for consider a candidature of your work already submitted to the conference to apply for this 3rd Award Edition at the ISFNT. The Award will be assigned during the ISFNT-14 in Budapest, Hungary. The deadline for the candidature is 1st September, 2019.

Title of Award

Fusion Engineering and Design Student Award at the ISFNT for Outstanding Presentations (Poster or oral) presented by students to the Field of Nuclear Technology (FNT). The award title is abbreviated as “FED Student Award @ISFNT”.

Objective of and eligibility for the Award

The award aims at acknowledging outstanding contributions (poster or oral) to the field of Fusion Nuclear Technology presented by students at the ISFNT-14. The award is intended for scientists and engineers that are in education (Master or PhD) in the calendar year of the conference (2019).

Award Prize

The winner of the award will receive $ 1,000 (one thousand) and a certificate of the achievement.

When the Award will be given

The Award will be bestowed at every meeting of ISFNT. This is the solicitation of candidatures for the award to be assigned in ISFNT-14 in Budapest, Hungary.

FED Student Award Winners

ISFNT-12 (2015)
  • Jon Van Lew (UCLA, USA),
  • Christian Gleanson Gonzales (KIT, Germany)
ISFNT-13 (2017)
  • Matthias Kolb (KIT, Germany)

Candidature Procedures

The candidature can be made by any presenting authors already accepted for the ISFNT-14 contributions. The candidature requires:

  1. The completion of the eligibility requirements (see below).
  2. The submission of the enclose form by e-mail stating the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria and the acceptation of the Award Rules.


The deadline for receiving application for the Award is 1st September, 2019. The candidatures should be addressed to the ISFNT-14 Secretariat (loc@isfnt-14.org) with the sentence (FED Student Award 2019) in the subject line.

Application form: DOC versionPDF version

On behalf of the ISFNT International Standing Committee and of the Publisher ELSEVIER, I would like to encourage you to apply to this Award that intends to encourage young scientists and engineers still in educational time in the fields of Fusion Technology and recognise their outstanding contributions.

Best regards,
Seungyon Cho
Chair of the ISFNT International Standing Committee