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Photo: Tamás Thaler


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 14th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology, in Budapest, Hungary, from September 22 to 27, 2019.

“Bridging Science and Technology”

We selected this motto to emphasize the importance of the dialogue and tightest collaboration between scientists and engineers, which is more than necessary to successfully achieve the century-long dream of humankind – bringing the power of the Sun to Earth.

The International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT) is one of the most important international events organised with the aim to foster interactions among scientists and engineers, to exchange information on all scientific and engineering aspects of fusion nuclear science and technology. It also represents great opportunities for reporting on recent technical progress, discussing many multidisciplinary issues and driving forward international collaboration for the promotion of fusion energy development. The symposium addresses near-term fusion devices and long-term reactor technologies, as well. We encourage contributions related to science, engineering, facilities, experiments, modelling, analysis, design and safety.

The Committee is especially pleased that the ISFNT-14 will be hosted in the beautiful Hungarian capital city, Budapest. We do hope that after the busy symposium programme, in the evenings you will find some time to enjoy the hospitality of the Hungarian people and visit some of our iconic places.

It is our sincere hope that the ISFNT-14 will provide you with an opportunity to share your recent achievements in the field, create new contacts and initiate new collaborations.

Finally, let us wish you a successful ISFNT-14 in Budapest and hope that you will have a memorable time in this wonderful city.

Yours sincerely,

Gabor Veres
Head of Department of Plasma Physics,
Wigner Research Centre for Physics
General Chairman of ISFNT-14