List of Posters

Presenting Author Poster ID Poster Title Session/Day
Ugo Bonavolontà P1-001 European DEMO Divertor Cassette: Study of an Alternative Path of the Cooling Pipes inside the Cassette Body Considering Piping Manufacturing Assessment Poster session 1 (Monday)
Delphine Bossu P1-002 Manufacture of an ITER Full Scale First Wall Panel Prototype Poster session 1 (Monday)
Zhang Chen P1-003 The Simulation of the Quasi-snowflake Divertor Configuration with the EAST New Upgrade Lower Tungsten Divertor Shape Poster session 1 (Monday)
Mauro Dalla Palma P1-004 Design of the RFX-mod2 First Wall Poster session 1 (Monday)
Pietro Alessandro Di Maio P1-005 On the Numerical Assessment of the Thermal-hydraulic Operating Map of the DEMO Divertor Plasma Facing Components Cooling Circuit Poster session 1 (Monday)
Hai Xie P1-006 Plasma-facing Components Damage and its Effects on Plasma Performance in EAST Tokamak Poster session 1 (Monday)
Stefan Elgeti P1-007 W Enrichment by Preferential Sputtering of EUROFER 97 as Actively Cooled Target Poster session 1 (Monday)
Mehdi Firdaouss P1-008 Design and Manufacturing of Bulk Tungsten Tiles for WEST Outer Limiter Poster session 1 (Monday)
Thomas Franke P1-009 The EU DEMO Equatorial Outboard Limiter – Design and Port Integration Concept Poster session 1 (Monday)
Domenico Marzullo P1-010 Structural Analysis on EU-DEMO Divertor Cassette Attachments Subjected to Thermal and Electric-magnetic Loads Poster session 1 (Monday)
Marc Missirlian P1-011 Development and High-heat-flux Test Results of a DEMO Divertor Target Concept with a Thick Graded Bond Interlayer Poster session 1 (Monday)
Pierre Gavila P1-012 Status of the ITER Divertor IVT Procurement Poster session 1 (Monday)
Laurent Guerrini P1-013 Fabrication of ITER Divertor Cassette Body Prototypes Poster session 1 (Monday)
Juri Igitkhanov P1-014 The Runaway Electron Evolution in the DEMO Reactor Plasmas Poster session 1 (Monday)
Daniel Iglesias P1-015 Divertor Design and Integration Activities for the High-field ST40 Spherical Tokamak Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ryota Imazawa P1-016 Thermal and Structural Analyses of Retro-reflectors of ITER Poloidal Polarimeter that are Mounted on First Wall Panels Poster session 1 (Monday)
Vito Imbriani P1-017 Insulated Fixation System of Plasma Facing Components to the Divertor Cassette in EuroFusion-DEMO Poster session 1 (Monday)
Hideki Ito P1-018 Hydrogen Permeation Behavior Through Tungsten Deposition Layer Poster session 1 (Monday)
Petra Jenus P1-019 W2C-Reinforced Tungsten: A Promising Candidate for High-Heat-Flux Material Poster session 1 (Monday)
Minyou Ye P1-020 Simulation Study of Evolution of Plasma-related Defects in Tungsten Poster session 1 (Monday)
Jihwan Lim P1-021 Experimental Study of Hypervapotron and Cylindrical Channel for Divertor Cooling by One-side, Electric Joule Heating System Poster session 1 (Monday)
Felix Klein P1-022 Improved Safety for DEMO by Advanced Tungsten Alloys as First Wall Armor Poster session 1 (Monday)
Igor Kupriyanov P1-023 Surface Damage of Beryllium Armor Materials under Extreme Plasma Heat Loads Poster session 1 (Monday)
Sun Eui Lee P1-024 Tritium Distribution Analysis on Be Limiter Tiles from JET-ITER Like Wall Campaigns using Imaging Plate Technique and Beta-ray Induced X-ray Spectrometry Poster session 1 (Monday)
Andrey Litnovsky P1-025 Smart Tungsten-based Alloys For a First Wall of DEMO Poster session 1 (Monday)
Yves Martin P1-026 Substantial Upgrades of the TCV Tokamak for Improved Divertor and Heating Capabilities Poster session 1 (Monday)
Domenico Marzullo P1-027 Preliminary Engineering Assessment of Alternative Magnetic Divertor Configurations for EU-DEMO Poster session 1 (Monday)
Yuki Matsuda P1-028 In-situ Measurement of Surface Modifications of Tungsten Exposed to Pulsed High Heat Flux for Divertor Design in Tokamak-type Fusion Nuclear Reactors Poster session 1 (Monday)
Giuseppe Mazzone P1-029 EuroFusion-DEMO Divertor – Cassette Design and Integration Poster session 1 (Monday)
Triestino Minniti P1-030 Neutron Tomography of “Thermal Break” Divertor Mock-ups before and after High Heat Flux Exposure Poster session 1 (Monday)
Alessandro Moro P1-031 Design of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating Potection Components for First Plasma Operations in ITER Poster session 1 (Monday)
Rudolf Neu P1-032 Behaviour of Actively Cooled ITER Divertor Mock-ups in High Power ASDEX Upgrade Discharges Poster session 1 (Monday)
Heiko Neuberger P1-033 Manufacturing of a HCPB First Wall Demonstrator using the Additive Manufacturing Process of Metal Powder Application Poster session 1 (Monday)
Simone Noce P1-034 Nuclear Analyses for the Design of the Plasma Facing Components of the DEMO Divertor Poster session 1 (Monday)
Takeru Ohgo P1-035 Plasma Irradiation Experiment on the Metal Pebble Flow in the TPD Sheet-U Poster session 1 (Monday)
Eo Hwak Lee P1-036 Study on Feasibility of Steady-state Assumption for HCCR-TBM under Transient Thermal Load Poster session 1 (Monday)
Vincenzo Pericoli Ridolfini P1-037 Survey of the Behaviour of Liquid Metals Targets, Sn and Li, in Reactor Relevant Conditions. DEMO and I-DTT Poster session 1 (Monday)
Sergey Pestchanyi P1-038 TOKES Simulations of Mitigated Disruption Thermal Quenches in ITER Poster session 1 (Monday)
Jan Prokůpek P1-039 Progress in Commissioning of the HELCZA High Heat Flux Test Facility for ITER First Wall Panel Tests Poster session 1 (Monday)
Maria Lorena Richiusa P1-040 DEMO Single Module Segment Concept First Wall and Limiter Misalignment Study by 3D Field Line Tracing Poster session 1 (Monday)
Selanna Roccella P1-041 Ultrasonic Test Results Comparison before and after High Heat Flux Testing on W-monoblock Mock-ups Vertical Target for EU-DEMO Poster session 1 (Monday)
Yuzhong Zhang P1-042 Research on the Normal Spectral Band Emissivity Characteristic within 7.5 to 13 mu for Graphite between 100 and 500 °C Poster session 1 (Monday)
  P1-043 withdrawn Poster session 1 (Monday)
Maxim Sviridenko P1-044 Analysis of Enhanced Heat Flux First Wall behavior under ITER Pulsed Loads Poster session 1 (Monday)
Toshikio Takimoto P1-045 Deuterium Retention in the Tungsten Irradiated Detached Plasma Poster session 1 (Monday)
Charly Talatizi P1-046 Inverse Radiation Problem with Infrared Images to Monitor Plasma-Facing Components Temperature in Metallic Fusion Devices Poster session 1 (Monday)
Sergey Tomilov P1-047 Implementation of the FSP Pipe Option Design into Non-standard FW Panel Poster session 1 (Monday)
Matthieu Toussaint P1-048 Beam Duct for the 1 MW Neutral Beam Injector on TCV Poster session 1 (Monday)
Andrey Ushakov P1-049 ITER VSRS First Mirror Plasma Cleaning in RF Gas Discharge – Circuit Design and Plasma Effects Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ladislav Vála P1-050 High Heat Flux Tests of Divertor Mock-ups at the HELCZA Facility for the EUROFusion DIVERTOR Project Poster session 1 (Monday)
Eugenio Vallone P1-051 On the Thermal-hydraulic Performances of the DEMO Divertor Cassette Body Cooling Circuit Equipped with a Liner Poster session 1 (Monday)
Alexey Vertkov P1-052 An Alternative Design Concept of DEMO Relevant Liquid Lithium Divertor Target Based on Capillary Structures Poster session 1 (Monday)
Zhongwei Wang P1-053 Thermal and Mechanical Analyses of W7-X Plasma Facing Components for Operation Phase 2 Poster session 1 (Monday)
Pinghuai Wang P1-054 Microstructure Characterization of the Key Material Interfaces in ITER First Wall Components Poster session 1 (Monday)
Tian Xie P1-055 3D Modelling of the Toroidally-localized Lithium Powder Injection Experiments on EAST with EMC3-EIRENE Poster session 1 (Monday)
Juancheng Yang P1-056 Magnetohydrodynamic Effect of Multilayer Liquid Metal Film Flow on the Inclined Surface Poster session 1 (Monday)
Kuo Zhang P1-057 Fracture Mechanical Analysis of Tungsten/Tungsten-copper-Composite Plasma-facing Component for High-heat-flux Divertor Target Poster session 1 (Monday)
Jizhong Sun P1-058 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Interaction between Energetic Incident D-species with Rough Tungsten Surface Poster session 1 (Monday)
Shuhei Nogami P1-059 Laminated Composites using Potassium Doped Tungsten Poster session 1 (Monday)
Erika Akahoshi P1-060 Corrosion Behavior of Multi-layer Ceramic Coatings in Liquid Lithium-lead Poster session 1 (Monday)
Julien Aubert P1-061 Design and Preliminary Analyses of the New Water Cooled Lithium Lead TBM for ITER Poster session 1 (Monday)
Serena Bassini P1-062 Long-term Corrosion Behavior of EUROFER RAMF Steel in Static Liquid Pb-16Li at 550°C Poster session 1 (Monday)
Gaetano Bongiovi P1-063 Advancements in the HELIAS 5-B Breeding Blanket Structural Analysis Poster session 1 (Monday)
Rémi Boullon P1-064 Development of a WCLL DEMO First Wall Design Module in the SYCOMORE System Code Interfaced with the Neutronic One Poster session 1 (Monday)
Hans-Jörg Brinkmann P1-065 Experimental Investigation of Liquid Metal MHD Flow Entering a Flow Channel Insert Poster session 1 (Monday)
Luigi Candido P1-066 An Integrated Hydrogen Isotopes Transport Model for the TRIEX-II Facility Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ilenia Catanzaro P1-067 Parametric Study of the Influence of Double-walled Tubes Layout on the DEMO WCLL Breeding Blanket Thermal Performances Poster session 1 (Monday)
Vladimir Chakin P1-068 Damage of Titanium Beryllide under High-dose Neutron Irradiation Poster session 1 (Monday)
Long Chen P1-069 Simulations Toward the Ultimate Parameter of Liquid Metal Fusion Blanket, Part I: High Hartmann Number MHD Flow Poster session 1 (Monday)
Takumi Chikada P1-070 Compatibility of Tritium Permeation Barrier Coatings with Ceramic Breeder Pebbles Poster session 1 (Monday)
Pierluigi Chiovaro P1-071 Investigation of the DEMO WCLL Breeding Blanket Cooling Water Activation Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ion Cristescu P1-072 Developments on the Tritium Extraction and Recovery System for HCPB Poster session 1 (Monday)
Zhi Chen P1-073 Control System Design for the Primary Loop of CFETR WCCB Poster session 1 (Monday)
Gheorghe Pasca P1-074 Design Features of the RMSB for Tritium Recovery as Tritiated Water from Helium Purge Loop of the TER HCPB Poster session 1 (Monday)
Francesco Edemetti P1-075 On the Impact of the Heat Transfer Modelling Approach on the Prediction of DEMO WCLL Breeding Blanket Thermal Performances Poster session 1 (Monday)
Riho Endoh P1-076 Deuterium Permeation Behavior through Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Coating Fabricated by Magnetron Sputtering Poster session 1 (Monday)
Iván Fernández-Berceruelo P1-077 Remarks on the Performance of the EU DCLL Breeding Blanket Adapted to DEMO 2017 Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ruggero Forte P1-078 Preliminary Design of the Cap Regions of DEMO Water-Cooled Lithium Lead Breeding Blanket Segments Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ramil Gaisin P1-079 Industrial-scale Manufacturing Experience of Titanium Beryllide Block for DEMO Blanket Application Poster session 1 (Monday)
Maria Gonzalez P1-080 Electric Resistivity Behavior of Alumina Flow Channel Inserts in PbLi Poster session 1 (Monday)
Wenhai Guan P1-081 Evaluation on Electromagnetic Analysis of Cylindrical WCCB TBM Poster session 1 (Monday)
Jiajia Han P1-082 Influence of Heat Transfer on Tritium Transport in Liquid Metal Blankets at High Hartmann Number Poster session 1 (Monday)
Francisco Hernández-González P1-083 Consolidated Design of the HCPB Breeding Blanket for the pre-Conceptual Design Activities of the EU DEMO and Harmonization with the ITER HCPB TBM Program Poster session 1 (Monday)
Julia M. Heuser P1-084 Survey on Lithium 6 Availability and Enrichment Strategies Poster session 1 (Monday)
Karel Samec P1-085 Preparation of Irradiation Rig for Test of Al2O3 Coatings in Contact with Liquid PbLi Poster session 1 (Monday)
Sawoong Kim P1-086 Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Gas Tungsten Arc Welded 316L(N)-IG (X2CrNiMo 17-12-2) Stainless Steel Poster session 1 (Monday)
Viktor Klüber P1-087 Numerical Simulation of 3D Magnetohydrodynamic Liquid Metal Flow in a Spatially Varying Solenoidal Magnetic Field Poster session 1 (Monday)
Satoshi Konishi P1-088 Experimental Validation of Tritium Recovery System from Liquid LiPb by Vacuum Sieve Tray Concept Poster session 1 (Monday)
Michal Kordač P1-089 Modeling of PbLi Purification from Volatile Contaminants Poster session 1 (Monday)
Wolfgang Krauss P1-090 Qualification of Al-based Coatings Processed by ECX-Process for Application as Corrosion and T-Permeation Barriers Poster session 1 (Monday)
Eo Hwak Lee P1-091 Performance Test of the Key Components for the HCCR Breeding Blanket Cooling System and the Validation of the GAMMA-FR code Poster session 1 (Monday)
Youngmin Lee P1-092 Numerical Investigation of Purge Gas Flow through Binary-Sized Pebble Beds using Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics Poster session 1 (Monday)
Oliver Leys P1-093 Induced Jet Break-Up Fabrication of Advanced Ceramic Breeder Pebbles Poster session 1 (Monday)
Rosa Lo Frano P1-094 Li4SiO4 Pebbles New Fabrication Process: Feasibility and Preliminary Experimental Data Poster session 1 (Monday)
Yudong Lu P1-095 Benchmark of Serpent-2 with MCNP: Application to EU Fusion DEMO HCPB Breeding Blanket Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ivan Alessio Maione P1-096 Update of Electromagnetic Loads on HCPB Breeding Blanket for DEMO 2017 Configuration Poster session 1 (Monday)
Leo Bühler P1-097 Three Dimensional Magneto Convective Flows in Geometries Relevant for DCLL Blankets Poster session 1 (Monday)
Yuya Miyoshi P1-098 Effect of Dragged Magnetic Field Lines into RAFM Steel Blanket Modules on First Wall Heat Load Poster session 1 (Monday)
Kenji Morita P1-099 Computational Search for Superionic Conductors for Efficient Lithium Isotope Separation with the Electrodialysis Technique Poster session 1 (Monday)
Fabio Moro P1-100 Nuclear Analysis of the Water Cooled Lithium Lead DEMO Reactor Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ivo Moscato P1-101 Assessment of the Dose Rates due to Water Activation on an Isolation Valve of the DEMO WCLL Breeding Blanket Primary Heat Transfer System Poster session 1 (Monday)
Keisuke Mukai P1-102 Neutronics Experiment with a Blanket Mock-up using a DD Fusion Neutron Source Poster session 1 (Monday)
CHANGED P1-103 Moved to Poster session 3 (P3-135)  
Yasuyuki Ogino P1-104 Measurement of Neutron fluence with Removal of X-/γ-ray Effect from Neutron Imaging Plate Poster session 1 (Monday)
Keiji Oishi P1-105 Compatibility between Fusion Reactor Blanket Structure Material F82H and Solid Breeder Lithium Oxide Poster session 1 (Monday)
Tomohiro Okada P1-106 Fundamental Analysis for Electrochemical Extraction and Monitoring of Coexisting Impurities in Lead Lithium using Chloride Molten Salt Poster session 1 (Monday)
Fumito Okino P1-107 Emissivity Measurement of PbLi Droplet in a Vacuum for the Heat Recovery by Radiation Poster session 1 (Monday)
Yasuhisa Oya P1-108 Hydrogen Isotope Exchange at the surface of C-W mixed Material Layer on Tungsten by Gas Exposure Poster session 1 (Monday)
Byungil Park P1-109 Construction of the Hot Helium Leak Test Facility for the ITER Blanket Shield Block Poster session 1 (Monday)
Pavel Pereslavtsev P1-110 Analyses of the Shielding Options for HCPB DEMO Blanket Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ivan Poddubnyi P1-111 Strength Analysis and Impact Test of Stub Key Pads of ITER Blanket Poster session 1 (Monday)
Shinichi Satake P1-112 Turbulent Heat Transfer for Coolant Water Flow in Plasma Facing Component Poster session 1 (Monday)
Satoshi Sato P1-113 Overview of Test Modules for Advanced Fusion Neutron Source A-FNS Poster session 1 (Monday)
Chang Wook Shin P1-114 Design and Experimental Study of Adsorption Bed for the Helium Coolant Purification System Poster session 1 (Monday)
Hiroki Shishido P1-115 Experimental Evaluation of the Dynamic Viscosity of Molten Salt Flinabe and Validation of the Polarizable Ion Model Poster session 1 (Monday)
Simone Siriano P1-116 MHD Forced Convection Flow in Dielectric and Electro-conductive Rectangular Annuli Poster session 1 (Monday)
Simone Siriano P1-117 Electromagnetic Coupling Phenomena in Co-axial Rectangular Channels Poster session 1 (Monday)
Gandolfo Alessandro Spagnuolo P1-118 Development of Load Specifications for the Design of the Breeding Blanket System Poster session 1 (Monday)
Dionisio Di Giulio P1-119 Analysis of Flow Channel Insert Deformations Influence on the Liquid Metal Flow in DCLL Blanket Channels Poster session 1 (Monday)
Gergő I. Pokol P1-120 Development of Secondary Charged Particle Activation based Method for Tritium Production Rate Measurement in Fusion Blankets Poster session 1 (Monday)
Teruya Tanaka P1-121 Applicability Study of Blanket Systems with Liquid Tritium Breeder/Coolant and Liquid Neutron Multiplier in Helical Reactor FFHR Designs Poster session 1 (Monday)
Alessandro Tassone P1-122 MHD Pressure Drop Estimate for the WCLL In-vessel PbLi Loop Poster session 1 (Monday)
Raffaella Testoni P1-123 Magnetohydrodynamics Effect on Tritium Transport at Breeder Unit Level for the WCLL Breeding Blanket of DEMO Poster session 1 (Monday)
Minh Quang Tran P1-124 Megawatt Power Generation of the Dual-frequency Gyrotron for TCV at 84 and 126 GHz, in Long Pulses Poster session 1 (Monday)
Alessandro Venturini P1-125 Experimental Qualification of New Instrumentation for Lead-Lithium Eutectic in IELLLO Facility Poster session 1 (Monday)
Wanjing Wang P1-126 Progress of WCCB Manufacture Technology at ASIPP Poster session 1 (Monday)
He Wang P1-127 Study of Hydrodynamics and Thermal Transfer in Duct with 180° Sharp Bend in Lead-Lithium Liquid Metal Blankets Poster session 1 (Monday)
Gaku Yamazaki P1-128 Electrochemical Measurements of Blanket Structural Materials’ Corrosion in HF-containing Molten FLiNaK Salt Poster session 1 (Monday)
Jae Sung Yoon P1-129 Fabrication of Small Mock-up and Performance Verification Tests to Verify E-beam Applicability to HCCR Blanket Poster session 1 (Monday)
Arturs Zarins P1-130 Radiation-induced Defects and Radiolysis Products in 5 MeV Electron-irradiated Lithium Orthosilicate Pebbles with Various Contents of Lithium Metatitanate Poster session 1 (Monday)
Guangming Zhou P1-131 Thermal Hydraulics Activities for the Consolidated HCPB Breeding Blanket of EU DEMO Poster session 1 (Monday)
Ali Al Dabbas P2-001 Role of Silicate Sorption by Ankerite in Silicic Acid Species Solution Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Nicolae Bidica P2-002 Pre-Experiment Analysis for Permeation of Multi-component Hydrogen Isotopes through Metals in Non-steady-state Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Chao Chen P2-003 Mass Transfer Performance Test of Structured Packings for Tritiated Water Distillation Detritiation Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Salvatore D’Amico P2-004 Preliminary Thermal-hydraulic Analysis of the EU-DEMO Helium-Cooled Pebble Bed Fusion Reactor by using the RELAP5-3D System Code Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Tamás Dézsi P2-005 Generation and Transport of Activated Corrosion Products and 7Be in the Lithium Loop of IFMIF-DONES Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
MariaTeresa Porfiri P2-006 Exploratory Fire Analysis in DONES Lithium System Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Matteo D’Onorio P2-007 Sensitivity Analysis for the Hydrogen Production During an Ex-Vessel LOCA without Plasma Shutdown for the EU DEMO WCLL Blanket Concept Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Matteo D’Onorio P2-008 Preliminary Safety Analysis of an in-vessel LOCA for the EU DEMO WCLL Blanket Concept. Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Laura Estévez Núñez P2-009 Atmospheric Activation in the IFMIF-DONES Accelerator Systems Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Antonio Froio P2-010 Numerical Quantification of the Beneficial Effects of Primary Heat Transfer System Isolation Valves in Case of In-Vessel Loss-Of-Coolant Accidents for the EU DEMO Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Stankunas Gediminas P2-011 Shut-down Dose Rate Analysis for the Activated Target Assembly in IFMIF-DONES During Maintenance Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Youngseok Lee P2-012 Diamond Fast-Neutron Detector Applied to the KSTAR Tokamak Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Rosa Lo Frano P2-013 Numerical Analysis of Steam Condensation at Sub-atmospheric Pressure in Water Suppression Tank Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Giovanni Mariano P2-014 Progress in Development of Advanced D1S Dynamic for Three-dimensional Shutdown Dose Rate Calculations Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Dobromir Panayotov P2-015 Use of Phenomena Identification and Ranking Tables Technique in the Fusion Safety Assessment Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Alessio Pesetti P2-016 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Sub-Atmospheric Steam Condensation in Suppression Tank with SIMMER IV Code Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Maria Teresa Porfiri P2-017 Safety Assessment for European DEMO – Achievements and Open Issues in View of a Generic Site Safety Report Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Yuefeng Qiu P2-018 Shutdown Dose Rate Calculations for the IFMIF-DONES Lithium Loop Cell Using Variance Reduction Techniques Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Rosaria Villari P2-019 Ionizing Radiation Monitoring Requirements at the Divertor Tokamak Test Facility Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Toshiharu Takeishi P2-020 Consideration of the Low Contamination Device for the Measurement of Tritium Release Rate Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Andrius Tidikas P2-021 Activation Analysis of the European DEMO Divertor with Respect to the Different Breeding Blanket Segmentation Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Dianle Wang P2-022 The Flow Instability Phenomenon in Loss of Coolant Accident of Water Cooling Blanket Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Jingyu Zhang P2-023 Influence of Different Equivalent Methods of Pulsed Neutron Irradiation on ACPs Source Term Calculation in Fusion Reactor Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
He Zhang P2-024 Consideration on Defence-in-depth Applied in CFETR Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Gábor Anda P2-025 Development of Li, Na, K, Rb and Cs Thermionic Ion Sources Using SiC Block Heater Technology Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Piero Agostinetti P2-026 RAMI Evaluation of the Beam Source for the DEMO Neutral Beam Injectors Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Maurizio Angelone P2-027 Measurement of Delayed Neutron Emission from Water Activated by 14 MeV Neutrons in a FW Mock-up of ITER Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Frederik Arbeiter P2-028 Taking to Service and First Results of the Q-PETE/D2 Hydrogen Permeation Setup Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Örs Asztalos P2-029 Application of BES Synthetic Diagnostics for the Study of SOL Filament Dynamics on the EAST Tokamak Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Maria-Victoria Bologa P2-030 Parameter Study and Dynamic Simulation of Current DEMOnstration Intermediate Heat Transfer and Storage System Design via MATLAB/Simulink Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Federica Bonomo P2-031 On the Vertical Uniformity of an ITER-like Large Beam Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Barbara Caiffi P2-032 Nuclear Analyses in Support of the Conceptual Design of the DTT Tokamak Neutron Diagnostics Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Jesus Castellanos P2-033 Design, Manufacturing and Test of the LIPAc High Energy Beam Transport Line Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Hyun-Kyung Chung P2-034 Virtual DEMO for Korean Fusion Program Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Valter Cocilovo P2-035 Analysis of Stress Induced by Plasma Disruption on Vacuum Vessel through Multi-physics Modeling Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Donghong Liu P2-036 3D SURO Modelling of Beryllium Erosion and Deposition on Tungsten Rough Surfaces under ITER-relevant Plasma Conditions Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Niek den Harder P2-037 Beam Formation and Transport in the BATMAN Upgrade Test Facility Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Marica Eboli P2-038 Test Series D Experimental Results for SIMMER Code Validation of WCLL BB In-box LOCA in LIFUS5/Mod3 facility Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Thomas Emmerich P2-039 Thermal Fatigue Tests on Functionally Graded W/EUROFER Layer Systems in a Newly Constructed Testing Apparatus Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Thomas Emmerich P2-040 Development Progress of Functionally Graded W/EUROFER Layers for First Wall Components Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Davide Flammini P2-041 Pre-Analysis of the WCLL-mock up Neutronics Experiment at the Frascati Neutron Generator Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Nicola Fonnesu P2-042 Shutdown Dose Rate Studies for the TT and DTE2 Campaigns at JET Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Haiying Fu P2-043 Development of Small Specimen Test Technologies on Joints of Fusion Structural Materials in SWIP Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Francesco Galleni P2-044 RELAP5-SIMMER-III Code Coupling Development of PbLi-Water Interaction Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Belit Garcinuño P2-045 Development of an On-line Sensor for Hydrogen Isotopes Monitoring in Flowing Lithium at DONES Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Bruno Gonfiotti P2-046 Application of the Best-Estimate Model Calibration and Prediction through Experimental Data Assimilation Methodology to the Tests Performed on a Helium Cooled First Wall Mock-Up Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Christian Hopf P2-047 Residual Ion Energy Recovery for the DEMO NBI – a Conceptual Design Study Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Andrew Hurlbatt P2-048 Improved Characterisation of ITER-Relevant Large Negative Ion Beams through Forward Modelling of their Diagnostics Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Samad Khani Moghanaki P2-049 The SIMMER-III code validation: Post-test Analysis of Test D1.1 on the LIFUS5/Mod3 facility for In-box LOCA of WCLL-BB Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Ivan Kodeli P2-050 Validation of Source Term Descriptions in MCNP and MCUNED Code Models for SINBAD Fusion Benchmark Compilations Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Boštjan Končar P2-051 Analysis of Thermal Response of New Diagnostic Probe in TCV Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Davide Laghi P2-052 Understanding and Investigating the Relationships between Geometrical Errors and Lost Particles in MCNP Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Naoko Ashikawa P2-053 Tritium Decontamination Scenario from Plasma Facing Materials under Vacuum Condition in DEMO Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Kihyun Lee P2-054 First Neutral Beam Injection Experiments in Versatile Experimental Spherical Torus Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Yi-Kang Lee P2-055 Tripoli-4 Simulation of the FNG Copper Benchmark Experiment and the Tritium Production in the Lithium Diamond Detector for ITER-TBM Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Igor Lengar P2-056 Transport Calculations with the JET Torus MCNP Models for Characterization of the Neutron field Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Donghong Liu P2-057 First Simulation of Edge Impurity Transport and Divertor Fluxes on HL-2M with EMC3-EIRENE Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Donghong Liu P2-058 SURO-FUZZ Modeling of Hydrogen Reflection on Tungsten Nano-structure Surface Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Donghong Liu P2-059 EMC3-EIRENE Modelling of Impacts of the Injected Neon Amount on Heat Flux Deposition on EAST Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Victor Lopez Ochoa P2-060 Photon Tally Convergence Acceleration in D1S Calculation Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Mauro Recchia P2-061 Voltage Hold Off Test of the Insulating Supports for the Plasma Grid Mask of SPIDER Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Daniele Martelli P2-062 LIFUS II Corrosion Loop Final Design and Screening of an Al- based Diffusion Coating in Stagnant PbLi Environment Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Domonkos Nagy P2-063 Engineering Design of Wendelstein 7-X alkali Metal Beam Diagnostic Observation System Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Chantal Nobs P2-064 Computational Evaluation of N-16 and N-17 Measurements for a 14 MeV Neutron Irradiation of an ITER First Wall Component with Water Circuit Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Oriol Nomen P2-065 Preliminary Design of the HEBT of IFMIF DONES Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Sixten Norrman P2-066 Dynamic Modelling of the Helium-cooled DEMO Fusion Power Plant with an Intermediate Loop and Energy Storage System (Indirect Cycle) Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Sandro Paci P2-067 Analysis of the Ingress of Coolant Event Tests Performed in the Upgraded ICE Facility Aimed at the ECART Code Validation Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Lee Packer P2-068 Backwards Extrapolation Activation Diagnostics and their Dynamic Range for Pulsed Neutron Source Measurements Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Miklós Palánkai P2-069 Spiralock Locking Function Tests for the ITER Diagnostics In-Vessel Aplications Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Raul Pampin P2-070 Estimation of Radiation Conditions in the ITER Electron Cyclotron Upper Launcher with State-of-the-Art Simulation Techniques Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Mauro Pavei P2-071 SPIDER Plasma Grid Masking for Reducing Gas Conductance and Pressure in the Vacuum Vessel Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Attila Piros P2-072 Error Handling Method for Digital Twin Based Plasma Radiation Detection Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Marco Riva P2-073 FPGA Implementation of Diamond Detector Data Acquisition System for the ITER Radial Neutron Camera using FlexRIO PCIexpress Technology: Architecture and First Results Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Daniel Sánchez Herranz P2-074 Design and Configurations for the Shielding of the Beam Dump of IFMIF DONES Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Takuya Saze P2-075 Evaluation of the Neutron and Gamma-ray Doses in the LHD Torus Hall and the Basement on the Deuterium Plasma Operation and the Neutral Beam Conditioning Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Paloma Matia-Hernando P2-076 Measurements of the Angle-dependent Reflectivity of Plasma-Facing Components and Assessment of the Impact on the Estimations of Coverage of the IVVS Measurements of the ITER VV. Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Žiga Štancar P2-077 Neutron Detector Response Sensitivity Study for Realistic Plasma Neutron Sources at the JET tokamak Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Sixten Norrman P2-078 Dynamic Modelling of the Helium-cooled DEMO Fusion Power Plant with an Auxiliary Boiler Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Donghong Liu P2-079 SURO-FUZZ Modelling of Tungsten Fuzz Evolution in an Erosive Helium Plasma Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Weibin Xi P2-080 Magnet AC Loss and Stability Analysis of EAST in ELM Mode Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Hai Xie P2-081 Numerical Analyses of Impurity Behaviors For CFETR Scenarios of 1GW Fusion Power by the Integrated COREDIV Code Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Eiichi Yatsuka P2-082 Gamma-ray Irradiation Effects on Optical Coatings and Polarizers for Edge Thomson Scattering System in ITER Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Sixten Norrman P2-083 Dynamic Modelling of a Solid Energy Storage Concept for Pulsed Operation DEMO Fusion Power Plant (Direct Cycle) Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Hailin Zhao P2-084 The Electron Temperature Fluctuation on EAST Tokamak Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Meng Zhao P2-085 CFD Evaluation and Optimization of the HEMJ Divertor Cooling Design Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Jinho Bae P2-086 Fabrication of ITER LCTS Assembly Tools and Load Test for Lift Adapter Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
  P2-087 withdrawn Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Zheng Gong P2-088 Preliminary Study and Selection of CFETR In-Vessel Component Tritium Dust Decontamination Method in Hot Cell Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Stanislao Grazioso P2-089 The DTT Device: Preliminary Remote Maintenance Strategy Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Min-Su Ha P2-090 Fabrication and Load Test of ITER PF5 & 6 Coil Assembly Tools Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Emil Jonasson P2-091 Improved Reconstruction and Anomaly Detection in JET using LIDAR-Vision Fusion Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Keelan Keogh P2-092 Remote Handling Strategy and Prototype Tooling of the ITER Vacuum Vessel Pressure Suppression System Bleed Line Valve Assembly and Rupture Disk Assembly Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Kyoungo Nam P2-093 Fabrication and Factory Acceptance Test of ITER UPSE Installation Tool Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Yuto Noguchi P2-094 Development of Remote Bolt Tightening Tool for ITER First Wall Central Bolt Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Luigi Pangione P2-095 A Taxonomic Approach to Failure Mode Analysis for Use in Predictive Condition Monitoring Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Makiko Saito P2-096 Study of Decontamination and Maintenance for ITER Blanket Remote Handling System Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Robert Skilton P2-097 Visual Anomaly Detection in Tokamak Components using Generative Adversarial Networks Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Yingsong Zhao P2-098 A New Array Eddy Current Probe for Inspection of Small-diameter Tubes in Tokamak Fusion Nuclear Devices Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Huapeng Wu P2-099 Progress of Design and Analysis of Divertor Remote Maintenance System for CFETR Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Maryna Chernyshova P2-100 Functioning of GEM Based Detector for Poloidal Tomography Under Plasma Radiation Requirements Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Dániel Dunai P2-101 Utilizing Silicon Photomultiplier Detectors for Low Light Level High Frequency Measurements in Fusion Diagnostics Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Slavomir Entler P2-102 Temperature Dependence of the Hall Coefficient of Sensing Layer Materials Considered for DEMO Hall Sensors Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Saul Garavaglia P2-103 EU DEMO EC Equatorial Launcher Pre-conceptual Performance Studies Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Samo Gerksic P2-104 Stabilization of Resistive Wall Modes for ITER using Model Predictive Control Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Keito Hanai P2-105 Design of High Current Cesium-free Negative Ion Source by Sheet Plasma Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Masao Ishikawa P2-106 Detail Design of In-Vessel Components of ITER Neutron Flux Monitor Equipped with Microfission Chambers Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Irena Ivanova-Stanik P2-107 Analysis of the Influence of the Different Impurity Seeding on the Burn-up Fraction and Plasma Confinement in the EU DEMO reactor Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Karel Kovařík P2-108 Analysis of Transmutation of Candidate Sensitive Layer Materials of Hall Detectors under DEMO Like Neutron Fluxes Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Ewa Laszynska P2-109 Deconvolution of Neutron Spectrum for the DT Neutron Generator Based on a Combination of Activation Method, Unfolding Processes and Numerical Simulations Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Paul McNeely P2-110 Commissioning and Initial Operation of the W7-X Neutral Beam Injection Heating System Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Katarzyna Mikszuta-Michalik P2-111 A Total Neutron Yield Constraint Implemented to the RNC Emissivity Reconstruction on ITER Tokamak Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
SooHwan Park P2-112 Deployment of Multiple Shattered Pellet Injection System in KSTAR Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Yoshiteru Sakamoto P2-113 Progress of Plasma Scenario Modeling for JA DEMO Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Haewon Shin P2-114 Automatic Line Identification Algorithm of Impurity Spectra for Real-time Feedback in Fusion Plasmas Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Tamás Szepesi P2-115 Wide-angle Visible Video Diagnostics for JT-60SA utilizing EDICAM Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Hiroyuki Tobari P2-116 Achievement of DC 1 MV Insulation in High-voltage Power Supply for ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Hiroyasu Utoh P2-117 Estimation of Magnetic Error Field with Alleviating Fabrication Tolerance of Large Superconducting Magnets on JA DEMO reactor Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Paul van Eeten P2-118 Organizing Wendelstein 7-X Device Operation Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Ting Wu P2-119 Effect of RMP on Boundary Plasma Turbulence and Transport on J-TEXT Tokamak Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Zhensheng Dai P2-120 Propagation and Supression of Tent-induced Perturbation in ICF Implosion Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Zhibing He P2-121 Gradient Nanoporous Gold: a Potential Inertial Confinement Fusion Hohlraum Wall Material Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Yansong Liu P2-122 Progress on Fabrication of High Density Carbon Capsule for ICF Target in LFRC Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Zhenyuan Xu P2-123 Research on the Airflow Distribution in the Laser Beam Transport Tube of the ICF Target Area Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Hong Yang P2-124 Numerical Research on Forming a Uniform Ice Fuel Layer in a Cryogenic Capsule Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Luka Snoj P2-125 Analysis of Irradiation Experiments with Activated Water Radiation Source at the JSI TRIGA Research Reactor Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Milan Stefanik P2-126 The p(20)+Be Reaction as a Source of Fusion Relevant Neutrons Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Jan Stepanek P2-127 Parametric Study of S-CO2 Cycles for the DEMO Fusion Reactor Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Jing Zhao P2-128 Minor Actinides Transmutation in a Molten Salt Blanket in the Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor Core Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Andrej Žohar P2-129 Analysis of Water Activation in Fusion and Fission Nuclear Facilities Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Robert Skilton P2-130 Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems in Nuclear Fusion Plant Poster session 2 (Tuesday)
Michiko Ahn Furudate P3-001 Master Equation Study of HT Production in Tritium Breeding Blanket Purge Gas Flow Poster session 3 (Thursday)
George Ana P3-002 Construction and Inactive Commissioning of a High throughput Micro-channel Reactor for Tritiated (Heavy) Water Production Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sergey Ananyev P3-003 Development of the DEMO-FNS Hybrid Facility Fuel System Concept and DT-fueling Systems Poster session 3 (Thursday)
CHANGE P3-004 Moved to Poster session 2. (P2-053) Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Katharina Battes P3-005 HgLab Karlsruhe – An Infrastructure Facility to support the Development of DEMO Vacuum Pumps with Mercury as Working Fluid Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Domenico Valerio P3-006 Design of the EU DEMO Tritium Extraction System based on Permeation Against Vacuum technology Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Ciprian Bucur P3-007 Investigations Concerning the Influence of the Catalyst / Package Ratio and the Catalyst Distribution on the Separation Performances of a LPCE Process Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Woo Jun Byeon P3-008 Estimation of Tritium Transport Parameters in an Advanced Reduced Activation Alloy Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Cao Zhi P3-009 Study on Deuterium Permeation Through Pure Iron after Exposed to LiPb Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Zhibin Chen P3-010 Tritium Inventory Analysis for Compact Volumetric Neutron Source (CVNS) by using Tritium Analysis Program for Fusion System (TAS) Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Yuki Edao P3-011 Evaluation of Thermal Profile in Catalytic Reactor by Exothermic Hydrocarbon Feed into Detritiation System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Luca Farina P3-012 Testing of Ceramic Porous Membranes for Separation of Plasma Enhancement Gases Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Antonio Frattolillo P3-013 Work in Progress on a Novel Approach for Core Fuelling of DEMO by Injection of High-Speed Pellets from the High-Field Side Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Stefan Hanke P3-014 Progress of the R&D Programme to Develop a Metal Foil Pump for DEMO Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Norihiro Ikemoto P3-015 Hydrogen Storage System for Hydrogen Isotope Separation using Gas Chromatograph Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Marco Incelli P3-016 Experimental Results of a Medium-Scale Pd-Ag Permeator for the Tritium Extraction and Removal System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Xiaomei Ji P3-017 Development of Low Specific Activity Analyzer with Proportional Counter Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Woochan Jung P3-018 A Study on the Recovery Process of Hydrogen Isotopes Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Pil-Kap Jung P3-019 Hydrogen Removal Efficiency using Storage-bed Circulation Process for Helium-3 Collection System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Kazunari Katayama P3-020 Influence of Lithium Mass Transfer on Tritium Behavior in Pebbles of Li2TiO3 with Excess Lithium Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Min-Kyung Lee P3-021 Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Pellet Injection System in ITER Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Jae-Uk Lee P3-022 Simulation and Analysis of Fuel Storage System in Fusion Fuel Cycle Considering Off-normal Heat Loads Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Peilong Li P3-023 Process Design of the Water Detritiation System for China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Christian Day P3-024 D/T Separation from He with Superpermeable Membranes: FCC V-alloys as New Membrane Materials Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Jiangfeng Song P3-025 Effect of Ni and Ti Doping on Stability and Hydrogen Absorption Properties of Zr2Fe Alloy Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Xiong Yifu P3-026 Rapid Purification of Hydrogen Isotopes by Helical Tubular Pd-8%Y Alloy Membrane Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Wei Mao P3-027 Density-functional Calculations of Hydrogen Diffusion in Rutile TiO2 (110) Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Kento Miyamae P3-028 Fuel Flow and Stock during Deuterium-Deuterium Start-up of Fusion Reactor Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Yuri Natori P3-029 New Sphere Granulation and Sintering Method of Tritium Breeding Solid-ceramics Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Alina Elena Niculescu P3-030 Development of Specific Software for Hydrogen Isotopes Separation by Cryogenic Distillation of ICSI Pilot Plant Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Yuji Nobuta P3-031 Hydrogen Isotope Exchange in Tungsten during Baking in Hydrogen Isotope Atmosphere Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Leonardo Noschese P3-032 Tritium Permeation Modeling in DEMO WCLL Cooling System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Gheorghe Popescu P3-033 Commissioning of the LPCE and Purification Systems as Front-end of the Experimental Pilot Plant for D-T Separation Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Wenjing Pu P3-034 Effect of the Oxidation of Polysilane Scintillator on its Fluorescence Properties Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Stefano Segantin P3-035 Optimization of Tritium Breeding ratio in ARC Reactor Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Mikhail Subbotin P3-036 Status Tritium Laboratory of Complex TSP JSC “SRC RF TRINITI” and Tasks of Development Tritium Fuel Cycle under the Ignitor Project Requirements Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Masahiro Tanaka P3-037 Initial Operation Results of Exhaust Detritiation System using a Polymer Membrane Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Silvano Tosti P3-038 Membrane Gas-Liquid Contactor for Tritium Extraction from LiPb Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Marco Utili P3-039 Characterisation of Tritium Extraction Unit from Liquid Pb-16Li alloy of WCLL-TBM in TRIEX-II facility Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Nikos Vasileiadis P3-040 Uncertainty Analysis of the Computed Pump Throughputs of the ITER Divertor Gas Exhaust System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Axel von der Weth P3-041 Experimental Determination of Hydrogen Transport Parameters of 316L Steel in the Two-side Purge Permeation Setup Q-PETE Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Tétény Baross P3-042 Diffusion Bonding Experiments of 1.4404 steels in a Gleeble 3800 Thermomechanical Simulator for Investigation of Non-destructive Inspection Methods Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Paritosh Chaudhuri P3-043 Development, Characterization and R&D Activities on Lithium Ceramic Breeder Materials in India Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Pablo Diaz-Rodriguez P3-044 Direct Observation of Hydrogen Permeation Through Grain Boundaries in Tungsten Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Anna Golubeva P3-045 Deuterium Retention in Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martencitic Steels (RAFMS) at ELM-like Pulse Plasma Heat Loads Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sergej Gordeev P3-046 Validation study of turbulence models for thermal-hydraulic simulation of helium cooled DONES High flux test module Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Dai Hamaguchi P3-047 Application of Friction Stir Processing on CuCrZr to Improve Material’s Property Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sho Hayakawa P3-048 Temperature Parallel Simulated Annealing with Self-generated Basins for Searching the Stable State of Microstructures in Materials Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Takayuki Terai P3-049 Study of Extremely Low Nitrogen Concentration Lithium by Fe-5Ti alloy Hot Trap Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Takanori Hirose P3-050 Evaluation of Fatigue Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel, F82H for Development of Design Criteria Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Eiji Hoashi P3-051 Interaction between Surface Behavior and Inner Flow Pattern of Liquid Li Jet for Fusion Neutron Sources Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Nils Holstein P3-052 Qualification Tests of an Electrochemically-Based H-Sensor for Application in Liquid Lithium of IFMIF-DONES Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Haiyan Jiang P3-053 Experimental Study on Erosion-Corrosion Behavior of CuCrZr Weldment in Rotating Nanofluid Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Jong-Il Kim P3-054 Effects of Sintering Conditions on the Microstucture of Li2TiO3 Tritium Breeding Materials Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Hirotatsu Kishimoto P3-055 Microstructural Stability of Tungsten Coated CFC Plates aiming to Metal Wall Experiments at JT-60SA Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Takuya Nagasaka P3-056 Effects of Specimen Thickness on Creep Properties of F82H Steel Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Motoki Nakajima P3-057 Temperature Dependency of Corrosion Properties of F82H in High Temperature Water Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Naofumi Nakazato P3-058 Simultaneous Effects of Applied Stress and Dissolved Oxygen on Surface Morphology of Steels for Cooling Systems of Blanket Module in Pressurized Water Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Takashi Nozawa P3-059 Non-Contact Strain Evaluation for Miniature Tensile Specimens of Neutron-Irradiated F82H by Digital Image Correlation Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Masayuki Ohta P3-060 Conceptual Design of Test Modules for DEMO Blanket, Diagnostic Device, and RI Production for A-FNS Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Takafumi Okita P3-061 Verification of Accuracy of Contact-Probe Distance Meter for Lithium Target of Fusion Neutron Source Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Taira Okita P3-062 Atomistic Simulations for the Absorption Process of an SIA Cluster via Self-climb in BCC-Fe Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Mayank Rajput P3-063 Study of Nuclear Responses (transmutation, GPA, dpa) in Iron, Chromium and Tungsten for D-T Neutron Irradiation Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Hideo Sakasegawa P3-064 Material Strength Standard of F82H for RCC-MRx Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sawoong Kim P3-065 Fabrication and Characterization of the 316L(N)-IG ESR Forging Block and Non-ESR Rolling Plate for the ITER Blanket Shield Block Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Alexander Spitsyn P3-066 The Tests of the Rohacell 71HF — a Candidate Material for the SIC-2 Windows for the ITER HFS Reflectometry Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Ildikó Szenthe P3-067 Irradiation of Optical Materials in BRR Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Masayuki Tokitani P3-068 Leak Tight Joint Method for ODS-Cu/ODS-Cu by Application of the Advanced Brazing Technique Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Alexander v. Müller P3-069 Tungsten Fibre-Reinforced Copper as an Advanced Heat Sink Material for Highly Heat Loaded Plasma-facing Components Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Rafael Vila P3-070 Advances in Radiation Hardness Testing of Optical Windows for DEMO Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Yoshiyuki Watanabe P3-071 Hydrogen Retention Behavior of Primary Precipitates in F82H Steel: Atomistic Calculation Based on the Density Functional Theory Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Xiang Chen P3-072 Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Neutron Irradiated Eurofer97 Variants Using Miniature Bend Bars Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Shota Yamazaki P3-073 Deuterium Retention in Plasma-Implanted W with Various Damage Distributions Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Ju-Hyeon Yu P3-074 Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Three Kinds of ITER-Grade Pure Tungsten with Different Manufacturing Conditions Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Christoph Zauner P3-075 Thermal Interlayers for ITER – Development and Measurements Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Yi Zhou P3-076 Application of Ti-doped MoS2 Low Friction /Anti Seize Coating for ITER first wall Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Lorenzo Malerba P3-077 Modelling Ion Irradiation and Slip Localisation in Ferritic-Martensitic Steels: The Fusion-Fission Cross-Cutting M4F Project Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Gaetano Aiello P3-078 FEM Analyses of the ITER EC H&CD Torus Diamond Window Unit Towards the Prototyping Activity Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sabine Schreck P3-079 Towards Large Area CVD Diamond Disks for Brewster-Angle Windows Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Salvatore Almaviva P3-080 LIBS Measurements Inside the FTU Vessel Mock-up by using a Robotic Arm Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Gianluca Barone P3-081 Preliminary Analysis on the Thermal Shield of DTT Poster session 3 (Thursday)
André Carls P3-082 Analyses and Design of the Wendelstein 7-X Port Bellows Protection Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Andrea Colangeli P3-083 Neutronics Related Integration Studies of EU-DEMO Pellet Injection System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Joris Fellinger P3-084 Design of Endoscopes for Monitoring Water-cooled Divertor in W7-X Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Namil Her P3-085 Progress on the Manufacturing of ITER Thermal Shield Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Junyoung Hur P3-086 Studies on the Tee Extrusion Process of ITER Thermal Shield Manifold Pipes Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Xudong Li P3-087 Analysis of the Magneto-Mechanical Coupled Vibration of the In-Vessel Structures of HL-2M Tokamak Considering Halo Current Effect Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Changyang Li P3-088 Design and Implementation of a Mobile Parallel Robot for Assembling and Machining the CFETR Vacuum Vessel Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sumei Liu P3-089 Tolerance Analysis of Vacuum Vessel for Chinese Fusion Engineering Test Reactor Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Zhi Chen P3-090 Evaluation of Shielding Ability of Using Boron Water as Coolant in CFETR Vacuum Vessel Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Francesco Lunardon P3-091 MEST, a New Magnetic Energy Storage and Transfer System: Application Study to the European DEMO Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Eliseo Visca P3-092 Fluid-dynamic Investigation of Water-Boron Flow in the Vacuum Vessel of DTT Facility Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Hokyu Moon P3-093 Hydrostatic Pressure Test of the ITER Lower Port Stub Extension for Factory Acceptance Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Erwu Niu P3-094 Progress on the Qualification of Key Process for ITER Correction Coils Poster session 3 (Thursday)
P3-095 withdrawn Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Gergő I. Pokol P3-096 Design of the Ex-vessel Optical System of the ITER Core CXRS Diagnostic System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Rocco Mozzillo P3-097 Design of the European DEMO Vacuum Vessel Inboard Wall Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Konstantin Senik P3-098 Numerical Simulation of the Temperature State of T-15MD Vacuum Vessel and In-vessel Components Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Yusuke Shibama P3-099 Manufacturing and Welding Assembly of the Vacuum Vessel on JT-60SA Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Pavel Shigin P3-100 RF Discharge Mirror Cleaning System Development for ITER Diagnostics Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Peter Spaeh P3-101 Structural Pre-conceptual Design Studies for a EU DEMO Equatorial EC Port Plug and its Port Integration Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Shayan Moradkhani P3-102 Condition Monitoring for a Robot Machine in the Assembly of Fusion Reactor Vacuum Vessel Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Pietro Arena P3-103 Safety Analysis of the DONES Primary Heat Removal System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Thomas Bale P3-104 Exploring the Sdoption of Mobile Augmented Reality for Assistance in Fusion Plant Repair and Maintenance Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Xiaoman Cheng P3-105 Primary Heat Transfer System Design of the WCCB Blanket for Multiple Operation Modes of CFETR Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Sergio Ciattaglia P3-106 EU DEMO Plant and Building Layout Criteria Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Lukasz Ciupinski P3-107 Design and Verification of a Non-self-supported Cryostat for the DEMO Tokamak Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Cristiano Ciurluini P3-108 Thermal-hydraulic Modeling and Analysis of the Water Cooling System for the ITER Test Blanket Module Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Matti Coleman P3-109 High-speed Generation of Neutronics-ready CAD Models for DEMO Design Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Aljaz Cufar P3-110 Shielding Concept and Neutronic Assessment of the DEMO Lower Remote Handling and Pumping Ports Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Manuela Frisoni P3-111 Nuclear Assessment of the IFMIF-DONES Lithium Target System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Curt Gliss P3-112 Integration of DEMO Radioactive Fluids Piping into the Tokamak Building Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Jiangtao Jia P3-113 Comparative Neutronics Analysis of the European HCPB DEMO using SuperMC Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Anikó Lilla Hegedűs P3-114 Analysis of Various Fusion Power Plant Turbine Cycles Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Bong Guen Hong P3-115 Impact of Neutronic Constraints on Design and Performance of a Tokamak Fusion Reactor Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Seokho Kim P3-116 Maximum Allowable Fluid Velocity and Concern on Piping Stability of ITER Tokamak Cooling Water System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Hyun Wook Kim P3-117 Design Updates of the Korean Fusion Demonstration Reactor Superconducting Toroidal Field Magnet System Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Keeman Kim P3-118 Thermo-hydraulic Analysis of the K-DMEO CS Conductor Depending on the Design Change Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Monika Lewandowska P3-119 Design and Analysis of the Secondary Circuit of the DEMO Fusion Power Plant for the HCPB BB Option without the Energy Storage System and with the Auxiliary Boiler Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Guoqiang Li P3-120 Optimization of CFETR Physics Design to Meet the Engineering Feasibility Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Emanuela Martelli P3-121 Investigation of Heat Transfer in a Steam Generator Bayonet Tube for the Development of PbLi Technology for EU DEMO Fusion Reactor Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Jin Hun Park P3-122 Statistical Analysis of Tritium Breeding Ratio Deviations in the DEMO due to Nuclear Data Uncertainties Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Piyush Prajapati P3-123 Design and Comparison Study of Steam Generator Concepts and Power Generation Cycles for Fusion Reactors Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Alexander Rydzy P3-124 The DTT Secondary Cooling Water Systems Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Arkady Serikov P3-125 Complete Neutronic Analysis for the Edge Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy in Equatorial Port of ITER Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Iuliana Stefan P3-126 Overview about Cryogenic Distillation Control and Safety Approach for Isotopes Separation Facility (ISF) Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Andrea Tarallo P3-127 Advancements in CAD Implementation of EU-DEMO Water Cooled Lithium Lead Breeding Blanket Primary Heat Transfer Systems Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Shuai Wang P3-128 Preliminary Efficiency Analysis of Thermal-electric Conversion System for China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor with Helium Cooled Solid Breeder Blanket Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Kaiyun Chen P3-129 Progress on Design and R&D of ITER Radial X-ray Camera Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Shuangbao Shu P3-130 An Intelligent Controller Design Based on the Neuroendocrine Algorithm for Plasma Density Control System on Tokamak Devices Poster session 3 (Thursday)
András Zsákai P3-131 Systems Engineering Challenges of IFMIF-DONES Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Zhizhen Liu P3-132 Status of R&D on the Tritium Technology for Fusion Tritium Plant at CIAE Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Ralf Schroeder P3-133 Local Safety System of the Neutral Beam Injection for W7-X Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Iuliia Ipatova P3-134 Nanoscale Structure Damage in Irradiated W-Ta Alloys for Nuclear Fusion Reactors Poster session 3 (Thursday)
Elena Nunnenmann P3-135 Verification and Validation of the GEANT4 Monte Carlo Code Toolkit for DEMO Neutronics Applications Poster session 3 (Thursday)