Rules and Guidelines

Title of Award

Fusion Engineering and Design Award at ISFNT is an Award for the best contribution (poster or oral) at the ISFNT Conference presented by students. It is sponsored by ELSEVIER, the Publisher of the journal (Fusion Engineering and Design) that issues the proceedings of the ISFNT Conference. The award title is abbreviated as “FED Student Award @ ISFNT”

Objective of and Eligibility for the Award

The award aims at acknowledging outstanding contributions to the field of Fusion Nuclear Technology by young scientists still in education. The contributions take into account for the award are oral and poster presented to the ISFNT Conference. The award is intended for presenting first authors that are student (Master or PhD) in the calendar year in which the ISFNT occurs.

Award Prize

The winner of the award will receive $1,000 (one thousand) and a certificate attesting the achievement.

When the Award will be given

The Award will be bestowed at every meeting of ISFNT, i.e. once every 2-3 years.
Selection Process for the “FED Student Award @ ISFNT”

  1. The Award Committee will be composed by the Chairs (2 per session) of the n1 Poster Sessions at the ISFNT Conference and by two members of the IPC appointed by the IPC chairs. One of the IPC members will be act as chair of this committee. The committee shall be appointed at least two weeks before the beginning of the Conference.
  2. The Chairs of the Poster Section will select the best 2 posters (if lack of valuable candidates they can be 1 or 0) for each session in which are involved. If there are orals between eligible candidates, the members of the Award Committee coming from the IPC will select the best (if any).
  3. The Award Committee will meet during the Conference at the end of the 3rd Poster section2 to take the decision. The final selection will be done among the 2n+1 (or less) nominated presentations (as described on point 2). Also if it is recommended to select only a winner for this award, a division in two awards can be also accepted resulting into two $500 prizes. The titles and authors of all nominated works will be recorded; this list can be mentioned in the award ceremony.
  4. The Award shall be presented at the ISFNT at the banquet. The arrangements for presenting the Award should be made jointly by the General Chairman of the ISFNT and the Chair of the Award Committee. The assignation of the award will be done by a representative of the publisher ELSEVIER.
    1. Usually 3 Poster Sessions are organized in the Technical Programme of the ISFNT Conference.
    2. Traditionally this will be Thursday before the Conference Banquet.

Funds for the “FED Student Award @ ISFNT”

As already mentioned, the award is financed by ELSEVIER for a total award of $1000.